Success Stories

Nothing makes the staff at Methodist Rehabilitation happier than to hear success stories of our patients that have successfully integrated themselves back into society. Whether it’s at work or at school, seeing our patients reclaim the activities of daily life is the culmination of what we all work so hard to achieve.

How Sabrina Warren-White Overcame Her Stroke with Methodist’s Help

2017 Press Ganey Patient Survey Comments

TV ads for the Methodist system use the words "servanthood" and "calling." Those are value words that have deep meaning to me. I was intrigued that they were used in the advertisements, but also a bit skeptical. However, I found those values to be thoroughly integrated in my care, both at Charlton and at MRH. Such attitudes, in order to permeate an organization, have to start at the top & trickle down. Good job!

Virginia, January 10, 2017

I liked the fact that there was more than one doctor overseeing a 40-bed facility. With almost no exceptions, every nurse, tech aide, OT, PT, doctor, admin-staff, case workers, were exceptionally good - sensitive, kind, courteous, and skilled.

Nicki, January 26, 2017

This rehabilitation treatment center was highly recommended to me. I am very pleased and happy to have made a decision to be treated at this rehab. My rehab stay was like a vacation. I felt so loved and cared for. I enjoyed friendliness and kindness from everyone.

Helen, March 4, 2017

Extremely satisfied with care at Methodist Rehab hosp. Every employee - doctors, nurses, therapists, cooks, maintenance, front desk are to be commended for job well done!

Benny, March 15, 2017

Paul Pizzo needs a special commendation for leadership of an excellent therapy team. It was truly a team effect. I came out much stronger because of the outstanding therapy program led by my therapist, Shae Black; she did an outstanding job in planning my exercise routine to help me gain the strength in areas most needed.

Robert, April 12, 2017

Joe, my therapist, was one of the best therapists I've had. He helped me a lot in reaching my goals and getting back on my feet.

Concepcion, October 21, 2017

“Thank you, Thank you. I’ve never worked as hard as I have with you all.

I loved every minute of it!! My improvement was very rapid – so congrats on your work. Love ya all. Will always remember my time with being together. God Bless all of you”

Shirley (August 2015)

Surviving a Fall

Wow! I enjoyed my time at your rehabilitation center. I wish it could have been longer. After I left I found I could walk Much better than before. The therapists were kind, caring and -----pushy. I complained about the stupid bicycle machines but I now realize that I needed that the most. Please tell Neil I’m sorry for complaining so much. The food was usually delicious. All in all this was a good (great) experience.

Thank you.

Arlene (October 2014)

Stroke Survivor's Story

Marian’s Story (written by her daughter)

In December 2010, our mother, Marian, suffered from a Lung embolism, which soon resulted in an ischemic stroke on the right side of the brain.

She was in serious condition for two days, in the ICU unit at Baylor Hospital in Fort Worth. The stroke had left her incapable of moving the whole left side of her body.

At first we were very afraid of losing her; we lived from moment to moment, hoping for the best. After the first 48 hours, she started to show signs of improvement and she was transferred to another unit in the hospital. The fear of what her future would look like started to take over. Would she be able to live a fulfilling life? Would she be able to go home?

The staff started talking about Rehab. We visited a few different facilities and researched all options. We felt very positive after visiting Methodist Rehabilitation hospital, the commute from Fort Worth was far, but it seemed the best place for mom.

We were right. Mom started with intense physical, speech and occupational therapy the first day after arriving. We were amazed, she could put in so much effort, at the hospital she had been very sleepy and seemed too weak to do much more than sleep and eat a little. At Methodist she was encouraged to work hard, by very capable and caring professionals. They really made the difference. She changed from a "broken" woman, back into Mom, a very upbeat, active and friendly woman. She looked forward to going home, picking up her life with dad by her side. After 3 weeks, she got discharged. Dad got training on how to help her at home.

Mom will continue outpatient therapy in the next months at Methodist despite the drive. I know for sure, that the encouragement and professionalism of the therapists and nursing staff, made it possible, for mom to get as far, so fast. I, as her daughter, felt very welcome and involved and want to thank everyone involved with mom''s recovery.

Hilde (Marian’s daughter)

Guillain-Barré Syndrome

When he arrived at Methodist Rehabilitation Hospital Oct. 20, 2008, Michael Hulshouser was a quadriplegic, stricken by Guillain-Barré Syndrome and barely able to lift his head. Now four months later, under the care of his therapist and the rehabilitation staff, the 48-year-old father of two is able to walk by himself with the aid of a walker.

“My son said that all he wanted for Christmas was for me to be able to walk,” says Hulshouser. “Three weeks after Christmas and three days before my birthday I was able to do that.” Hulshouser says the staff has done wonderful things for him. “I had given up,” he says. “They brought me back.” He also says the hospital has great food and the chef honored any special requests he made. “I’ve gained over 25 pounds since I’ve been here,” he says. The great food, he says, lifted his spirits and aided in his recovery.

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