Brain Injury Rehabilitation

Methodist Rehabilitation’s Brain Injury Rehabilitation Program is based on a compassionate and comprehensive approach to brain injury rehabilitation. We utilize an electronically controlled unit, environmentally modified rooms for limited distraction, and treatment areas designed and used solely by patients with brain injury. The rehabilitation program is divided into two levels:

Acute Rehabilitation

An intensive physical, cognitive and psychosocial rehabilitation based on a comprehensive team evaluation and geared toward a functional lifestyle, behavioral management and entry back into the community.

Outpatient Rehabilitation

A continuum of services that offers outpatient therapies to maximize a patient’s independence.

Program Objectives

Under the direction of a psychiatrist and physical medicine and rehabilitation specialist physician, the brain injury rehabilitation team includes a rehabilitation nurse, a neuropsychologist, a speech/language pathologist, a physical therapist, an occupational therapist, a respiratory therapist, and a case manager to oversee the neurological rehabilitation progress of the patient.

At the onset of a brain injury rehabilitation program, the rehabilitation team identifies five key therapeutic objectives geared toward the individual neurological rehabilitation needs of the patient:

  • Provide a quality rehabilitation program based on individual and family needs.
  • Educate the patient and family/caregivers on brain injury and the rehabilitation process.
  • Restore the patient’s abilities to their maximum level of function.
  • Provide ongoing psychosocial support in a therapeutic environment.
  • Support the patient’s long-term goals by providing follow-up and continued recovery referral to other resources.

Brain Surgery Recovery

Brain surgery recovery or adjusting to a post-injury lifestyle takes time and requires much support to successfully transition the patient back home and into the community. To ensure progress after he or she leaves the medical center, our rehabilitation staff helps each patient set reasonable short and long term goals, and coordinates services such as outpatient therapy, residential treatment, and home therapy.

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