Stroke Rehabilitation

Methodist Rehabilitation’s Stroke Rehabilitation Program is implemented by a stroke rehabilitation team directed by a physiatrist, and consisting of therapists and nurses trained in neuro-developmental treatment, certified rehabilitation nurses, speech-language pathologists, clinical nutritionists, psychologists, a case manager, respiratory care technicians, and physical, occupational and recreational therapists.

Program Objectives

The goals of the program are determined by each patient’s specific injury with an emphasis on restoring the patient to a level of independent functionality. This is achieved through our Dallas area hospital’s inpatient rehab, outpatient rehabilitation programs for management of stroke, with the ultimate goal being to perform the activities of daily life. This may include nutrition, dressing and personal hygiene, improved mobility, better communication, problem solving, restoration of vision and perception, a return to leisure activities, driving, and returning to his or her prior function in the community, in school, or at work.

Stroke Recovery

For most people, stroke treatment is a lifelong process. Often, the road to recovery can be physically and emotionally frustrating. Part of the rehabilitation team’s job is helping our patients keep a positive outlook and, together with the patient’s family, forming a strong support team. Proper management of stroke is key to stroke recovery and living a full life. Sometimes a patient may recover in the first few weeks or months. Others keep getting better for years. The important thing is don’t give up hope.

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