What to Expect…

You will have a minimum of three hours of therapy a day with rest periods and meals in between. Your schedule may vary from day to day according to your treatment program and when different therapies are held. Recreational activities and experience in the independent living suite may also be part of your therapy.

A typical day may shape up as follows:

  • 6AMBegin with morning hygiene and getting dressed; Breakfast followed by a rest period
  • 9AMBegin individual therapy sessions with rest periods in between
  • 12PMEscorted to the dining room for lunch, followed by a rest period
  • 1PMIndividual therapy sessions continue with rest periods in between
  • 4PMTherapy sessions wrap up, dining and time with visitors begin
  • 8PMVisiting hours end and preparations for a good night’s rest begin

Things to Bring to Rehabilitation

We recommend you bring at least one week’s supply of washable, loose fitting clothes that include:

  • Pants/shorts
  • Shirts/Blouses
  • Underwear
  • Socks
  • Slippers with non-slip soles
  • Outdoor Jacket/Sweater
  • Pajamas (hospital gowns and pants are available if needed)
  • Hearing aids with batteries (if applicable)
  • Eyeglasses or contact lenses (if applicable)
  • One pair of comfortable walking shoes- preferably tie. Athletic shoes or shoes with non-slip soles are fine. If ankle or foot braces are to be used see therapist before buying shoes.

Optional Items to consider bringing:

  • Sweat suit
  • Razor and shaving cream
  • Cosmetics
  • Toiletries (toothpaste, brush, deodorant, soap)
  • Electrical razor, radios and hair dryers can be brought but will need to be checked by maintenance.
  • Walker, cane or wheelchair. The hospital has these, but you may prefer to use personal items

Additional Information


Visitation Hours: 8am – 8pm

Recommended times: 12pm – 1pm or 4pm – 8pm

Rest is an important part of your treatment. Visitors are welcome, and we want you to enjoy the pleasure that comes from a reasonable number of brief and friendly visits. We ask that you and your visitors respect the needs of all of our patients. It is important to remember that you are in the hospital for rehabilitative care and the majority of your daily schedule will be occupied with rehabilitation services. As such, we recommend that visitors come either at lunchtime or in the late afternoon /early evening.


Tours of our hospital are provided Monday – Friday from 9 to 5pm. These hours allow us to assure a guided tour. There is no appointment necessary however if you would like to call ahead the number is 972-708-8604.


We are a 50-bed acute rehabilitation hospital with 44 private rooms and 6 semi-private rooms. Four of our private rooms have state of the art bariatric equipment. We have an inpatient gymnasium, a therapy courtyard that provides various surface challenges, and a dedicated unit for patients that helps to provide a low stimulus environment.


Parking is free.


Family members are encouraged to maintain patient laundry however we do provide a washer and dryer for those who live out of the area.


Cafeteria meals are available to family/visitors during lunch only


Chaplains are available upon request to provide support and spiritual counseling.

For more information click here or call us now at 972-708-8600