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For quality inpatient or outpatient physical rehabilitation, Texas residents turn to Methodist Rehabilitation Hospital for comprehensive rehabilitation services.

At Methodist Rehabilitation, highly trained, licensed, and certified professionals provide nurturing support and physical rehabilitation for a variety of diagnoses, including stroke rehabilitation, brain injury rehab, orthopedic physical therapy, and amputation treatment.

From inpatient physical rehabilitation, to outpatient rehabilitation therapy—our teams adhere to the highest standards of care, and are committed to achieving physical and emotional recovery for the patient and his or her family.


Effective April 28, Methodist Rehabilitation Hospital is allowing two visitors per patient per day.

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Prospective Patients

The mission of Methodist Rehabilitation Hospital is to deliver comprehensive, efficient medical rehabilitation to persons with disabling conditions in order to provide them the opportunity to achieve the highest attainable level of functional improvement.


As a prospective patient we want to offer you the most relevant and up-to-date information from Methodist Rehabilitation Hospital. Learn more about our top in-patient services below and how we can get you integrated back into the life you deserve.



Methodist Rehabilitation Hospital’s stroke recovery team identifies specific needs of stroke patients and sets customized goals for stroke treatment in order to maximize recovery.

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Brain Injury

Our brain injury Rehabilitation program is divided into two levels: acute rehabilitation – an intensive physical, cognitive and psychosocial rehabilitation geared toward a functional lifestyle, and outpatient rehabilitation.

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Methodist Rehabilitation’s orthopedic physical therapy programs are designed to build strength, add endurance, restore functional mobility, manage pain, and improve the ability to perform the activities of daily life.

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Amputation treatment focuses on strengthening muscles, getting the limb ready to be fitted for a prosthetic device, and developing the skills an amputee needs to function at as high a level as possible.

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Additional Programs

We utilize a dedicated multi-disciplinary treatment team and a variety of features designed to maximize the efficiency of your recovery. We evaluate and deliver a personalized multifaceted program of physical medicine and rehabilitation with care and compassion.

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